You Are Not Unlovable

You went through a sh*tty breakup. You got your heart broken into a thousand little pieces. You fell for the wrong person, and gave everything you had to him or her. You cared deeply for someone who didnt feel the same. You thought you found love, only to end up with nothing in the end. You got hurt.

And now you feel unlovable.

I get it. Weve all been there. Love sucks sometimes. Its painful. Its frustrating. There are moments where you just want to say, forget it, and stop your feelings altogether. As if that were even possible.

But I want you to know one thing, one thing that will always be true, no matter how much brokenness you face, no matter how many times your heart aches, and no matter how many people leave

Its easy to feel unlovable, like youre the one whos wrong, like theres something off with you that makes it hard for people to truly fall. You date the wrong person and suddenly look at yourself with skeptical lenses. You get mixed up in your emotions and begin calculating your losses, seeing every failed relationship as a marker of how youll never be good enough. And then you carry that negativity with you wherever you go.

Because someone broke your heart, you think the next guy or girl will. Because youve been left, youre convinced that everyone leaves, and youre already setting yourself up for the next person to walk out of your life.

Because youve been hurt, youre so sure itll happen again. And youve starting telling yourself that its , that youre the one with the problem, that youre the one whos flawed and damaged, that youre hard to love and are never going to find your person.

Youre not unlovable just because your past relationships havent worked out. Youre not unlovable because the wrong person didnt love you back or because you havent found the one yet.

No, youre not perfect. We all have our share of sins. Weve all made mistakes, and will continue to make them. We all have so many ways we dont measure up to greatness, especially in our relationships.

But you cant go through life believing that theres something wrong with you, just because you havent found real love yet.

Having a failed relationship doesnt make you a failure. Breaking up with someone doesnt mean youll never find love. Losing someone you care about, walking around with an aching heart, trying to move on from someone you thought youd spend forever withthose things absolutely suck, They dont make you someone unworthy of love.

You are not unlovable; you are not damaged goods.

You are a person who has gone through some tough times, but came back even stronger. You are one who has been broken, but has learned to heal. You have a soul that is imperfect, yet beautiful. And you find love one day. In the meantime, take responsibility for what you can change, become better, but

One day youll find the love you deserve, and then youll finally see why it didnt work out with anyone else.

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