Woman With Deformed Buttocks Gets Surgery To Give Her Confidence To Start Dating

Having the confidence to go out on the pull is hard enough as it is. Most people have something that holds them back just a bit. For me, it’s that I’m not a couple of inches taller and I’m also an awful person but, in the grand scheme of things, that makes me pretty lucky.

35-year-old Addie from Louisiana, on the other hand, drew a short straw as, when she was born, she had a conjoined twin attached to her buttocks. Said twin was sadly underdeveloped and so was removed by doctors.


After that, she was left with a concave bum that, initially, didn’t bother her but, when she grew into a teen, took away from her confidence after she was being teased.

With such a blow to her confidence, Addie never had it in her to start dating. That’s why she went on the show affectionately names “Botched by Nature” to get her rear-end fixed.


LA-based surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow visited her to see what they could do and, when they examined Addie, that’s when she seized the opportunity to ask if they could make her look like Jennifer Lopez back there whilst they were at it.
They reminded her that that may not be totally be possible but they’ll certainly try their best.

You know when someone says something that totally distils confidence in your situation? WhenDr. Nassif asked Dr. Dubrow “How are you going to fix that?” he replied “Honestly? I have no idea”

Luckily however, they did a fantastic job and Addie’s delighted. Now I’m not sure if I’m allowed to stick a picture of an, essentially, bare arse on the site but, you know, I’ll give it a go…


You can watch Botched By Nature at 9pm on Tuesdays on E!… if you want.

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