Woman Filmed Taking Arse Selfies In The Middle Of A Park

It’s 2016 and you know what that means? Dating’s changed and will never be the same again. Back in the day, you’d see someone you liked and approach them at a party, agree to meet them the following Saturday, drive to make-out point and, two years later, be married with six children. Now, you talk for four hours on tinder, send each other nudes, someone gets ghosted and the pictures end up online.

Live and let live, eh?

The thing with taking nudes, though, is that the requests can hit you straight out of the blue. No pretext or build up, just “wuu2? […] lemme see ;)”. It’s at times like that, that you can’t turn someone down, no matter what you’re doing. Even, say, if you’re in the park enjoying a leisurely stroll and some guy texts you saying “I’m an arse man ;)”

That’s what I assumed happened, anyway, when this woman was seen talking pictures of her arse in just a pushed-up T-shirt and thong outside someone’s window, by a tree…

She seems remarkably casual about the whole affair. Almost as if she’s done it before. Very curious, indeed…

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