Woman Does A Huge Poo In A Lift, Then Flees The Scene Of The Crime

Sometimes I think to myself that I should get a real job where I have to do tax returns or something. Most of my friends are doing either that or going to uni and they all think I lucked out because I write and draw and sometimes do videos… they don’t think I’ve got a serious job. This’ll show them.

That’s right. This is like David Frost’s interview with Richard Nixon for me. A woman shit in a lift, people!

The unbelievable footage that has been labelled “shocking”, “disgusting”, “in the past” and “moving picture” has spread across the internet like a bad smell and now, like the proverbial Icarus that flew too close to the sun, it’s here…

God. That’s pretty desperate. She’s in a public building that presumably has toilets, right? This has to be like some sort of revenge poo, surely?

My main problem with this, other than the copious amount of shit, is the title of the video…

She’s more casual than smart, I’d say. And of course she would would ‘walk away as if nothing happened’! She’s hardly going to hang around, is she?

Also, that’s a pretty intense like and dislike battle going on there. They’re neck and neck.


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