White Supremacist Just Messed With The Wrong Black Woman, Gets DESTROYED

Thankfully, California isn’t a place that’s known for having a large racist population; it’s a sad outlook that still continues to affect people to this day so having less of it to deal with is a blessing.

Naturally that isn’t to state that there is no racism in the state as you’re about to find out, but it does mean that it’s not an everyday occurrence – which is a step in the right direction. As you all know, there’s no excuse to be racist in the year of 2016, when we understand just how it can affect the lives of others even in passing, but apparently no one’s explained it well enough to the man you’ll see in the video below… until now!

See, this guy got drunk and decided to ride the train home. No problem with that, right? Well he didn’t like the fact that there were also African Americans riding along as well, and began spouting off a whole flurry of racial slurs aimed at them. When one passenger couldn’t take any more she unloaded a flurry of her own… with her fists and her feet!

Neither of the two are known though the police are attempting to investigate the matter, but if what they find is true then do you imagine the girl was justified? Should ignorance and hate be combated with violence and anger? Let us know what you think!

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