When This Dad Found Out He Was Living On Borrowed Time, He Made The Most Of It

If you knew your time on Earth was limited, what would you do?

Would you let your disease or illness take over and let it run you down, or would you fight and make lasting memories that outweigh any negativity on the horizon?

Hundreds of people across the globe are faced with this decision each and every day. One man was recently diagnosed with cancer, and instead of letting it get the best of him, he’s made it his mission in life to create as many amazing memories with his son as possible before he’s gone.

Jay and Caroline spent thousands of dollars on IVF treatments in the hopes of getting pregnant. It was nothing short of a miracle when the pair learned their dreams were about to come true. Caroline was carrying a beautiful baby boy!

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However, just three months before his son’s due date, Jay was given a deadly cancer diagnosis.

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