What Happened When Two Teens Used A Ouija Board Was Nothing Short Of Demonic

The ouija board is a mysterious object that has a cult following all around the world.

While it was initially considered a harmless parlor game, around World War I, the spiritualist movement began to claim the ouija board could be used to talk to the dead. Even before that, similar “talking boards” were used to get in contact with the spiritual realm going back as far as 1100 AD.

This is one of the first modern ouija boards, created in 1894. A heart-shaped piece of wood called a planchette is used for spirits to choose letters, numbers, and answers like “yes” or “no.”

Contemporary ouija boards are slightly more ornate, and this one is likely similar to the one two Peruvian boys recently used when a pamphlet claimed it could help them “contact the devil.”

The boys then showed symptoms of possession such as fitting, swearing, and threatening anybody who came near them. One boy’s mother claimed he spoke with the devil’s voice.

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