WATCH: The Conjuring 2 Prank Its Beyond Terrifying Have They Gone Too Far Here?!

There are pranks and then there are some serious pranks which really push things to the edge. Case in point is the hugely popular hidden camera show out of Brazil called The Silvio Santos Program. This gets as close to the edge as possible, many believe it goes completely over!

Their latest gag is no exception. Its based on a film called The Conjuring 2, which is a horror flick involving being possessed by evil! Well this prank is so elaborate that no doubt you would have felt you were totally witnessing some serious evil spirits if you were the victim here. Evil spirits that were out to get you and wanted your soul!

This is definitely the real deal. Imagine being the target of a prank like this! Seems so damn real, how could you NOT fall for it! Really crazy. Check it out and share this insanity with all your friends and family!

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