Watch Obamas Press Conference Before Final Foreign Trip

Monday’s press conference will be the first since Trump’s election.”>

Less than a week after the historic 2016 election, President Obama will hold a press conference before departing on his final foreign trip.

The trip will enable President Obama to reassure the nation’s allies, assuring a continuation of U.S. foreign policy and amicable relationships despite some of President-elect Trump’s incidiary statements. Questions will likely come up about reports that Trump appeared unfamiliar with the duties of a U.S. president while meeting with his predecessor last week at the White House. Obama claimed the pair had an excellent discussion about the office, and the two appeared cordial during the press portion of the event.

The press conference will also be the presidents first since the election, in which Donald Trump roundly defeated Hillary Clinton, for whom Obama vigorously campaigned.

How to Live Stream President Obama’s Press Conference:

The White House press room website will be live-streaming the event, which is set to begin at 3:15 p.m. ET. You can watch the presser live below:

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