Watch: Gary Johnson on Jeopardy

If Gary Johnson asked What is Aleppo? on Jeopardy instead of Morning Joe, would he look less ridiculous? See for yourself.”>

Context is everything. When Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson asked What is Aleppo? on MSNBCs Morning Joe, he looked pretty out of it. But what if he were asking it as one of those question-as-answer replies to a question on Jeopardy? With the right video editing, Johnson could be brilliantly recognizing some obscure fact about the Syrian city that Alex Trebek cavalierly tossed at his contestants, never expecting them to get it. Would asking What is Aleppo? look so foolish then? The following video places Johnsons deer-in-headlights moment in just such a context; watch it and see for yourself.

Actually, he still looks pretty out of it.

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