Victorias Secret Employee Reveals The Horrible Reality Of Working In Retail

Anybody who’s ever worked in retail will no doubt have a few funny stories to tell about difficult, annoying, or downright weird customers. But chances are that few of those stories will be as weird – or as gross – as these tales from an anonymous Victoria’s Secret employee.

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The list, which was shared on Imgur by a user called zebracakes210, reveals the sorts of secrets that Victoria doesn’t want you to know about. From awkward encounters and suspiciously stained underwear to creepy customers asking the shop assistants to model the lingerie for them, these stories are sure to make you think twice the next time you complain about your job. Don’t forget to vote for the best!


This happens on a weekly basis. We have to fold all of the panties in the drawers every day before we close and I find some kind of fluid on panties almost every time I have to fold them. It’s truly disgusting. That is why we have the try on panties people!

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