Ukrainian Artist Removes Makeup From Dolls To Repaint Them, And Result Is Almost Too Real

In the world of unrealistic standards and Photoshop mania, real beauty is a breath of fresh air. And while some share their unedited selfies on Instagram, Olga Kamenetskaya creates gorgeous dolls that look almost real.

Olga is a Ukranian artist who started repainting dolls as a hobby, but it later turned into her profession. She takes mass-produced dolls, such as Monster High girls or Barbies, and turns them into totally new, unique and one-of-the-kind dolls. They each have little “flaws,” like real people have, which she includes by not only repainting but also modifying dolls’ shapes and working with wigs. “I don’t like when the new face of the doll is ideal and perfectly symmetrical, it makes it lifeless,” Olga told Vogue. “I always deliberately leave some flaw that may not be noticeable to everyone, but [gives] the doll invisible charisma. Perhaps, this flawed beauty is the message that my dolls carry.”

Below you can find some of the amazing “flawed” beauties by Olga Kamenetskaya.


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