Trump Promotes Conspiratorial Hannity Episode Calling Mueller Part of Deep State Crime Families

Minutes before Sean Hannity went live Wednesday evening on Fox News, President Trump tweeted that there would be a big show tonight, imploring followers to tune in. As it turns out, that show featured Hannity outliningwith the help of a conspiratorial boardthe criminal connections of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and former FBI director James Comey. Throughout the lengthy, rambling monologue, Hannity accused Mueller, currently Trumps main foe, of prosecutorial improprietyfrom looking the other way, as a federal prosecutor in Boston, at serial killer and gangster James Whitey Bulgers crimes to prosecuting the wrong man for a post-9/11 anthrax attack. Along the way, he made mention of Democratic donors, connections to the Clinton family, and FBI agents who texted anti-Trump messages after the election. Ultimately, Hannity concluded, there are three connected Deep State crime families actively trying to take down the president. While the Fox News star has accused the special counsel of criminal activity in the past, Hannitys use of a specific crime family analogy on Wednesday evening was a direct response to Comey reportedly telling ABC that President Trump acts like a mob boss.


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