Trump Pal: Never Mind My Lynching Tweet

A staffer apologizes for a racially inflammatory Twitter post from Carl Paladino, who has a history of saying such things. “>

A tweet from Carl Paladino, a former candidate for New York governor and a current surrogate for Donald Trumps campaign, appeared to suggest that the attorney general of the United States should be lynched on Wednesday morning.

Lynch @LorettaLynch let a Grand Jury decide, Paladino said in the tweet, which has since been deleted.

A new tweet was then put up that removed the word lynch, and that, too, was deleted. OBannon has now tweeted, as Paladino, that I work for Carl, I’m new to twitter & tweeted what Carl asked but made mistake of adding Lynch. My bad.

But, while this one may have been made in error, the Buffalo, New York, developer has a long history of nasty interactions.

In 2010, he was busted for sending beastiality images in various emails, pornographic videos and one video of an African tribal dance with the title Obama Inauguration Rehearsal.

And hours after appearing in New York with Trump in April, Paladino took to NPR to describe Obama as a man who in every respect looks like he despises America.

People who get on the Trump bus are people that are very, very frustrated with their government as its been, he said before the interviewer cut him off. It doesnt matter what kind of person is the exterminator, they want the raccoons out of the basement.

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