Tone-Deaf Real Housewives Star Brags About Shitty Note Her Husband Left A Server

On Friday night Heather and Terry Dubrow went to The Ritz Prime Seafood restaurant in Newport Beach, CA. Apparently while their server was “nice” the overall service was too slow for their standards and Terry left a note on the table complaining about it. Heather, thinking her husband’s behavior was uploaded a now-deleted picture of the note to Instagram:

What Terry is missing is that it’s a) unlikely the server was unaware the service was slow that night b) unlikely the server was in control of how fast the service was that night. No one needs you to leave them a handwritten note to tell them they had a bad day at their job. (Also, no one needs to you to hand-write ‘M.D.’ onto your signature when you leave shitty notes).

Heather pats the couple on the back for leaving a “big tip” despite being offended by the service. (Their “big tip” was 23%).

Previously, Heather Dubrow had been in a Twitter fight with another Bravo star, Jeff Lewis, because Lewis claimed he witness Dubrow treating service staff disrespectfully. As a former server himself, Lewis wanted to call out her behavior as unacceptable.

Heather claims she deleted the photo because the name of the restaurant appeared on the receipt and she didn’t want to hurt their business:

The real reason is probably the fans who jumped in calling the couple out for complaining about a $500 dinner, passive-aggressively lashing out at their server and not understanding what a “big” tip is.

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