Tiny Animal Sculptures That I Create From Polymer Clay

My name is Raminta, I’m Vilnius-based artist and the creator of Ramalama Creatures – Home of unique animal sculptures!

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I spent my childhood surrounded by wildlife near Baltic Sea and was always fascinated by diversity and intricate beauty of natural world. Since I graduated photography I started creating my own animal character designs, mastering skills and developing new ideas. Finally in 2012 I have opened my studio, where all my Creatures are born!

I always search for new approach of sculpting and painting, using polymer clay and acrylic paint to achieve original visual style. The process of every animal character development is very individual and personal, creation starts with single ball of clay and usually takes days to complete the sculpture until it is exceptionally carefully hand painted with maximum of details, capturing essential attributes and traits of animal personality! I have included few “work in progress” photos of animals before they are painted to give a better impression of how my sculptures are made.

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