This Waterfall City in China Looks Straight Out of a Fantasy Film

Photograph by chensiyuan

Situated around a cascading waterfall that drains into the You River, the ancient (and now) tourist town of Furong Zhen in China’s mountainous Hunan province looks straight out of a fantasy film. Check out quick clip below and imagine having a waterfall out your front window!

The town was originally known as Wancun or Wang Village, but was renamed after the release of the award-winning Chinese film, Hibiscus Town. The village was renamed in 2007 in honour of the 1986 film which was filmed there in made the place famous.

At night, the waterfalls are illuminated making for a beautiful setting any time of the day. More pics below of this eye-catching town.

Photograph by Pavel Dvorak

Photograph by Pavel Dvorak

Photograph by Chensiyuan


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