This Psychiatric Nurse Had No Idea That During Group Therapy One Of Her Patients Would Reveal A Murder

This iPhone note has recently circulated online because it tells a compelling and terrifying story.

According to the writer, their mother worked as a psychiatric nurse at a children’s hospital for many years. For a period of time, the mother was working with a young boy was was committed to the hospital by his parents for being “trouble” and “violent.” But what the kid revealed to her, she could absolutely ignore.

The parents had apparently tried to cover-up the death of their daughter by first lying to their son about what had happened, and when he persisted, by having him committed to a psychiatric hospital for children.

Some internet commentators have compared this story tothe realdeath of Erica Parsonsin Houston with which there are some resemblances. However, there also seem to be some inconsistencies between the two stories. It could just be an internet urban legend.

Either way, very creepy.

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