This poor girl squeezes this boulder-sized zit, and her friends think the disgusting sight is the best thing ever

Acne is something most people do their absolute best to hide; not solely because of how nasty it can be but also because of how easily it can be concealed.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to hide some blemishes on your face, especially when you’re not looking to be apathetic about your appearance, but there’s some you should probably take care of before they get worse. It’s a lesson the woman in the video below learned the hard way as she allowed a zit right at the edge of her eye to grow and grow until it was about the size of a grape. This may not seem like much but when you imagine that being right on your eye, believe me, you can feel it.

Well, eventually she decided it DID need to be popped and did so in the presence of her grossed out friends who cannot stop laughing at the ludicrous scene playing out in front of them. When she starts squeezing the crap just continues to flow out like there was some sort of puss reserve buried in there!

If they ever get to this size it might just be time to seek out a dermatologist to make sure nothing else is wrong. At least that way you’ll get a clearer picture as to why the acne is so bad in the first place…

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