This Online Sex Scam Is Conning Young Men Out Of Their Life Savings

People make mistakes all the time that could have serious negative consequences on their lives, and while it does seem contradictory that we continue to repeat these mistakes each of us is a separate person.

We each have to figure things out on our own terms or we’ll never fully grasp the “Why” of things. With that being said, there are some people that make the dumbest, most common sense mistakes that have completely flipped their lives and there’s a new scam out getting it done. This scam involves a fake Facebook profile with pre-recorded video of a porn Star coaxing the viewer into masturbating with her over Skype.

Once the young men and women have done the deed the video abruptly ends, but by this point the scam artists have already recorded everything. These recordings are then held as leverage over the victims with the promise of their families getting a copy of the video if they don’t send 5,000 euros. If this sounds like the plot of a Black Mirror episode that’s because it kind of is… Currently the scam is most prominent in the Middle East, but as with all scams you can bet money they’ll make their way to the rest of the world soon enough.

Let this be a lesson, don’t masturbate on webcam for someone you’ve only met over the internet, especially when you’re already in a committed relationship. People are too cruel.

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