This Man Proved That It’s Not Hard To Build Your Own Fish Pond

When Instructables user noticed the amount of wildlife that actively visited his backyard, he decided to create a space just for them. Many of these animals would drink from a small water bowl that needed to be filled daily. To give them a watering hole that wouldn’t require constant attention, he set out to build a small backyard fish pond. This would serve as both a source of nourishment for the animals, while also providing a quiet space to sit around and relax.

began by selecting the perfect location for the pond.

The future site of his fish pond required a bit of cleaning before he could begin his build.

You can’t have a pond without digging out and excavating the dirt.

To avoid any risk, he completed an anti-termite treatment on the pond area.

Using some of the dirt he dug up, he created a mud plaster and applied it to the excavated area.

He spread out a pond liner to avoid any water damage to the area.

Then he edged the pool with a collection of red bricks.

To cover and secure the area, he filled it in with dirt.

No pond is complete without planting a few water flowers.

Antoniraj decided to add some rocks and pebbles, too.

The time had come to fill the pond with water.

It’s called a fish pond for a reason…you need to add fish!

And in no time at all he had a beautiful fish pond that would double as a wildlife watering hole.

Now I may not have the wildlife in my backyard like does, but I need this pond in my life like NOW!

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