This Is What The Gogglebox Stars Actually Do For A Living

We’re a nosy bunch, us humans, aren’t we? So nosy in fact that we like to watch other people, watching TV in their own homes.

In case you didn’t realise, that was hit TV show ‘Gogglebox’ I was referring to there – a show for which the premise never fails to amaze me. It’s literally just watching people, watch TV, but people absolutely love it.

According to the Mirror, the stars are paid in public admiration instead of money, as each TV watcher only takes home 15 a night. I guess to watch that much TV they probably work a lot of nights, so it’ll be a nice treat at the end of the month but definitely not enough to live on.

So how do they make ends meet?

Sandy &Sandra

Arguably the favourites of a lot of viewers, this funny pair don’t actually really have day jobs.Sandy spends her days looking after her grandchildren, andSandra is unemployed but has recently started dipping her toes in the glamour model industry.

Chris & Stephen

This one’s predictable if you think back to the hairstyles these boys have had; they’re both hairdressers.

Linda, Pete, & George

Despite his brief CBB-related absence from the show, George is back and joining his family to bring some cockney wit to each episode. George and Pete both work as electricians, while the woman of the house, Linda, is a carer.

Leon &June

Another one that feels quite predictable once you get to know them, Leon and June are both retired teachers. Of course!

Cheese addict Leon used to teach History and June was an English teacher. The pair met at teacher college and were immediately bound by a compelling love of education… or at least the six weeks of holiday every year.

The Moffatts

The lovable Northerners all have pretty regular jobs, except for Scarlet who has recently found herself in the spotlight and so now works as a radio presenter in the mornings at Capital North East.

Her dad, Mark, is a welder who specialises in making JCBs, and her mum Betty, works in Burton.

Giles & Mary

The argumentative pair, predictably, both work in artistic jobs. They’re also allegedly best pals with Boris Johnson, whatever you can make from that!

Giles is an artist while Mary is a writer shefamously worked as the Agony Aunt for The Spectator. Shes also written a book called, How the Queen Can Make You Happy, which, despite what it sounds like, is actually a guide towards attaining perfect etiquette.

The Michaels

Both parents are happily retired following dad, Andy’s, successful career in the hotel business.

Two years back, Andy tried his hand at politics when he tried to become an MP for UKIP but failed. His son,Louis, is currently studying at the University of Chichester, while his older sister Alex attended the Uni previously, gaining a masters in Computer Science.

The Saddiquis

The Derby family are pretty great. Baasit works as an IT teacher, and his students love watching him on the show, and his brother Umar works as a microbiologist at the Royal Derby Hospital.

What their dad Sid does for a living doesn’t seem to be publicly available. Shame on him, as it means we can just fill in the gaps and assume what we like. Let just say he’s a topless waiter shall we?

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