This Is What Happens To You When You Make Love

There’s a lot of things that happen to our bodies when we have s*x with someone else, but a new study has come to light showing there may be more to it than previously thought.

This study carries a bit of weight with the more religious communities because of the findings; according to the analyzed data, many women have something known as male microchimerism and it’s received through s*xual intercourse without the use of a condom. Basically it’s stating that without using a condom a woman could potentially be carrying around the man’s DNA for the rest of her life. Why would that be popular in religious communities – one woman, one man ring a bell?

The study was conducted by Yan Z, et al. and was published back in 2005 by studying women who gave birth to daughters rather than sons.

This was mainly to see whether the nicrochimerism was caused by the baby boy or not, and it’s not. The study doesn’t necessarily conclude in and of itself that it’s the s*x without condoms, but that’s a very likely culprit. It’s also suggested that even those that *ahem* swallow the semen would still carry trace amounts of that person’s DNA, which means it’s not just transmitted vaginally. So what does this mean for the women?

That dormant DNA can in fact become a part of a fetus from another male donor, but don’t start believing every tale spun for you when the evidence points otherwise. TRACE amounts of DNA would be passed along, not the full genetic makeup needed to create another living being. Unfortunately there’s not much else known about microchimerism at the moment, but as more research is conducted into the matter we may begin to see clues as to why our ancestors specifically started forbidding multiple s*xual partners or homos*xuality.

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