This cyst released so much gunk the doctors needed safety glasses. No kidding.

Doctors are some of the bravest people on the planet for dealing with some of the crap they see on a daily basis, especially those procedures that involve the removal of bodily fluids and waste.

Cysts are some of the worst of them as well, the smell these things can produce is something straight out of a Stephen King nightmare, they’ll make you gag in an instant. On top of that, the gunk that comes out comes in both liquid and split form, so once you get a good puncture you could deal with a squirting disaster! It’s for that reason that doctors tend to wear not only the masks, but some eye protection as well – you wouldn’t want someone’s body gunk to blast out into your eyes just like you wouldn’t want it to pop into your mouth.

From the moment they began the operation they knew this was going to be a messy one, and right up to the bloody end it’s enough to make you gag! Could you imagine having a cyst that large in the first place? Take care of yourselves people!

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