They Transformed Their Backyard Into A Great Escape With Concrete Blocks And THESE!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to add either a backyard deck or sun room to my house.

I’ve spent countless hours dreaming about all the entertaining opportunities and all the relaxing nights I would spend out on the deck. There’s just one obstacle standing in the way of turning my backyard dreams into a reality: money.

But fear not, the DIYers over at Hoosier Homemade have helped realize my dream of a backyard deck without having to spend thousands on materials and labor. All you need to transform your backyard space is some wooden pallets, concrete blocks, and a can of paint or wood stain. It couldn’t be easier!

They started their deck DIY by clearing out the required space in their backyard.

These crafters purchased six wooden pallets from a local pallet manufacturer, however you can just go around to local businesses and score some for free. The more pallets, the larger your awesome deck will be!

Wooden pallets often show some wear and tear. Before assembly, make repairs and remove any stray nails that could cause potential injury later on.

Liz at Hoosier Homemade sprayed the pallets with a deck cleaner.

They stained the pallets using Olympics Solid Stain. You can paint them for a different look.

Needing a base for the pallets, Liz dug holes for concrete blocks.

Arrange your wooden pallets in any manner you see fit, just make sure that the corner of each pallet sits atop a corner of a concrete block.

And just like that, your backyard deck is complete! You can add flowers, rugs, deck chairs, or other decorations as you see fit.

Who knew a backyard oasis could be this simple and easy?

I’ve already begun searching for some wooden pallets so I can try this backyard deck out for myself.

For more awesome DIY tips and crafts, check out Hoosier Homemade’s Facebook page, Instagram, or Pinterest!

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