These 20 Facts Could Literally Save Your Life One Day — Listen Up!

You never know when information that you consider to be useless could end up saving your life.

In the heat of the moment, would you know what to do if your life was in danger? Sure, we all know that if you’re on fire, you should stop, drop and roll, but useful information like that isn’t always going to be so readily available in your mind.

While hopefully you’re never put in situations where these facts are needed, there’s always a small chance that disaster could strike. Here are 20 safety facts and tips that could help you survive just about anything.

1. Make eye contact to prevent yourself from falling victim to criminals.

Most people tend to look down and run away from suspicious-looking people. Meeting their gaze and continuing at a normal pace could prevent you from being jumped or attacked.

2. Pick one person in public to go to in times of danger.

Direct your pleas for help to one individual to avoid receiving no help at all. When pleas aren’t directed at one person, everyone assumes someone else will come to the rescue. It’s called the bystander effect, and it’s very real.

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