The Uncensored Pic Of Orlando Blooms D*ck Hit The Internet And People Are Going Mad

Everyone and their mums is talking about Orlando Bloom with his kit off. Don’t believe me? Look…

See. It’s weird, I’ll give you that.

But now even more people are talking about it because uncensored images of Legolas’s trouser snake have found their way into the public archive.

If you want to have a little (depending on how you feel about it) look, check it out here, here, here and, finally, here. (It’s the last one, by the way, click the other links for a wild joy ride into the obscurities of the internet).

Anyway, here’s what twitter said:

There’s a properly NSFW (more naked Orlando pics) tweet HERE. And then…

I mean, I’m not particularly clued up on what flies but, it’s not bad, is it? It’s only a penis. An actor’s penis. An actor’s penis on a paddle board (for some reason). I just hate it when I’m on my paddle board with Katy Perry and my trunks get in the way.

That’s not true. I’ve never paddle boarded with Katy Perry. I’ve not paddle boarded in general. I’ve never even seen my own penis… no one has!

Anyway, what do you think? What is there to think? Let us know what you maybe think in the comments of an article about Legolas’s willy. Do it.

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