The girl took a photo of her bare legs. But you have to look twice to see whats really going on.

If you remember the internet before this insanity of an election began you might recall a certain dress that took the internet by storm.

Depending on who you asked you’d be told the colors of the dress were different to the point where verbal altercations began – it was crazy! Now it seems there’s a new little optical illusion someone managed to post that’s begun making the rounds, and this one is replacing that silly old dress.

Posted by Hunter Culverhouse, at first glance all you can see are a pair of legs that appear to have been coated in something like laminate. They’re shiny! They’re a pair of legs you’d imagine seeing in some parody film about pretty people, but there’s more to this image than meets the eye. Let’s zoom out a bit to take a better look:

If you haven’t figured it out yet, don’t worry! The whole point of an optical illusion is to make you think you’re seeing something you’re not, and this is a good one after all! Well Hunter’s legs aren’t actually gleaming from overuse of lotion or anything like that, they simply appear to be thanks to some cleverly placed white paint. It’s near impossible to un-see the paint once you know it’s there but before that… Well done Hunter!

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