The 10 Most Annoying, Unrealistic Myths About Love Making in Movies

It’s no secret Hollywood takes creative license during the movies, but certain things should stay sacrosanct – by certain things, we mean sex. How many times have you watched a movie and mid sultry sex scene, you see something so totally asinine and unrealistic, your eyes are rolling all the way back into your brain.

“It literally doesn’t work that way!” you want to yell at the screen, but you don’t because then you’d startle your dog – (we’re assuming you have a dog, or cat – maybe a pet chicken?).

Hollywood’s unrealistic depictions of human sexuality are especially alarming because studies show that 80% of teens get their sex education from the movies and other forms of media. It’s not a stretch to say that how teens approach sex is determined by what they see and hear in the media around them, which is why Hollywood needs to do better.

Here are the worst offenders.



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