Teen Boys Were Checking Out Attractive Blonde In A Car. Then She Mouths Help Me

Nearly everyone on this planet has thought about coming to the rescue for one tragedy or another in their lifetime. Thanks to books, movies and all other media we get a look at what life is like for the heroes; the work is hard and definitely dangerous, but in the end the happy smiles of the average citizenry make it all worth it.

Everyone gathers around the cheer the protagonist on and the hero gets the guy/girl. The only terrible part about hay fantasy is that something terrible first needs to occur, but if no one is hurt overall then it’s better than imagining COMMITTING the crimes.

Two teenage boys were driving down the highway near Dallas when they spotted a very attractive woman riding backseat with a male driver. Assuming this woman had simply taken an uber and finding her to be quite attractive the boys looked over to flirt. No, we’re not trying to make fun of the locale they chose to try picking a woman up because if they hadn’t this story could have turned out much worse. After getting the woman’s attention the teens noticed something a little odd, she was mouthing “help me”. The teens immediately knew what they had to do and dialed 911 while keeping a somewhat close tail on the other vehicle. They followed the car for what must have felt like hours while waiting for the police to catch up, all the while remaining on the line with the 911 operator.

Luckily the cops caught up and managed to catch the man before anything more serious occurred, and that woman has two young men to thank for it. Well, it may not be the type of pickup those guys were imagining but it’s definitely one they’ll never be able to forget. If you see anything suspicious like this on the road, do like these guys did and please report it!

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