Sprinter Takes The 400m Gold By Diving Over The Line

The Rio Olympics have been nothing if not a constant source of material for me to write about and look like I know about sports. The pool turned green, that was pretty wild. A couple of bones have snapped, an archer looked like Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Phelps looked angry… It’s been all go in Brazil!

And that’s not the end of it. Last night controversy was at its peak as it transpired that a certain athlete had spent their whole life training for a particular sport and was somehow ended up entered into another.

Luckily for Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas, though, no one noticed as she implemented her diving expertise in the 400m final to win Gold.

That was all a joke, obviously. I mean, Shaunae Miller did win Gold but 400m is very much her expertise. It’s just that she dived over the line to snatch gold from the clutches ofUSA’s Allyson Felix.

People have been quick to attack Shaunae for her unorthodox methods…

But athletes have come to her aid…

I’ve never done it before. I have some cuts and bruises, a few burns it hurts.

When I was on the ground I didn’t know I’d won. I still don’t know how it happened.

What was in my mind was I had to get a gold medal. The next thing I was on the ground. It’s an amazing feeling.”

-Shaunae said.

Not that I’m in charge of Olympic rules or anything but, you know, fair play to her. That’s a good win, isn’t it? It definitely takes guts. I got burns slide tackling on AstroTurf and you won’t catch me doing that again… not even for a gold.

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