Someone Turned 22 Marvel Actors Into Women, And People Realize Ryan Reynolds Basically Married Himself

We haven’t figured out yet how to travel to a parallel universe, but we’ve already invented the next best thing. FaceApp. Using the program, someone has recently transformed Marvel actors into women, revealing how these famous men would look like if they were born with two X chromosomes. The makeovers quickly went viral and people were not sure how to react.

Intrigued by the concept, Bored Panda has decided to take this a few steps further. We’ve changed the sex of a few more Marvel actors. Some find Hugh Jackman pretty as a picture, others think that a girly version of Tom Hiddleston awfully resembles Elizabeth Olsen. Scroll down and decide for yourself, and if you’d like more gender-makeovers, check out FaceApp, U.S. presidents edition.

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