Shocking moment a family is knocked down in the street in hit and run

If you’ve ever been friends with a person who has a somewhat dark sense of humor then you’ve probably heard of the point game when driving. They’ll point someone out on the road that appears to be in the way of traffic and they give them a set number of points, as if to state running them over would GET you those points. It’s not the most morally correct game you could play but it was never intended to be taken literally. That’s something a few people out there have seemed to have forgotten, jokes aren’t meant to be taking literally, especially when it comes to dark humor. Someone needs to tell that to this Newham driver, because after watching the video below you’ll notice the guy goes out of his way to run this poor family over!

The family looks both ways before they cross the road, so it’s not as though they’re being inconsiderate of the drivers on the road, but this car comes speeding out of nowhere and seemingly swerved to nail the family. Because of the accident two children and a 60-year-old woman are in the hospital in serious condition, yet both the driver and passenger decided to take off on foot.

Luckily the guys in the car were dumb enough to actually leave the car behind with all their fingerprints and information so I don’t suspect it will be long before they’re apprehended. Detectives have stated that while no arrests have yet been made the investigation is well underway. What’s so important that you would risk someone else’s life like that, and how selfish do you have to be to run off like that?

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