Security Breach: Edward Snowdens Robot Has Been Ramming Into The White House Front Door For 3 Hours Straight

Well, this is a huge intelligence failure.

Its easy to be lulled into thinking that the president is always safe and protected, but this next story is a totally sobering wake-up call: Edward Snowdens remote presence robot drove up to the White House and repeatedly slammed into the front door for three hours straight, all without anybody in government noticing.

Yeesh. Whatever your opinion on Edward Snowden, this is just inexcusable.

Security camera footage shows Snowdens iPad robot driving across the White Houses North Lawn at 8 a.m. EDT this morning. It then rolled through the entrance portico and collided with the front door, backed up one foot, drove into the door again, and kept repeating this process until almost noon. Considering that the government is trying to keep an eye on Snowdens activities, they should have known the exact location of the robot and noticed the loud, continuous banging coming from Snowden smashing his robotic surrogate into the White Houses main entrance.

This goes way, way beyond a simple SMH.

The robots assault on the front door continued unimpeded until 11:38 a.m., when a White House staffer looked out a window and noticed Edward Snowdens placid face staring out of the machines video screen. They informed security, and two Secret Service agents picked up the Snowden robot and moved it out onto the street.

Even if you consider Edward Snowden a hero, its a little disturbing that his robot could repeatedly ram itself into the heart of Americas government. If the National Security Agency cant protect us from Snowdens remote-controlled robot, its scary to think about what else they might let smack into the White House door for hours. Lets hope we never find out.

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