Racist Woman Tries To Kick Someone On Bus, It Backfires Spectacularly

In a YouTube video, filmed by user Rocky Handy, a woman can be seen hurling abuse at another passenger before attempting a flying kick.

‘You know what. I really don’t know if you’re Afro-bean or Caribbean…’ she says to him, after calling him some unpleasant names.

‘Lady, I’m just explaining to you who the f*** I am,’ he shoutsback, ‘I am f***ing English, alright.’

The unidentified woman, who is clearly drunk, holds onto the yellow poles and attempts to kick the other passenger but miscalculates and falls to the floor of the bus.

Unsatisfied with her first attempt, she manages to get to her feet before hitting the man in the face. She then jumps for him, the pair get into a scuffle and other passengers shout for the bus driver to stop the vehicle. He opens up the back door and the woman is pushed out.

Some people are just awful.

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Lead image: YouTube / Rocky Handy

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