Police Issue Warning About Suspicious Halloween Candy

In Ohio police have issued a warning regarding a type of candy that may pop up in your youngsters Halloween candy bag.

A very strange and suspicious type of candy has been popping up in the area. The candy is the popular Lemonheads. It turns out that some packages of Lemonheads have been reported to be slightly opened. This means the possibility of the candy being tampered with exists.

Heres the actual warning that police issued on social media:


It was brought [to] our attention by a couple people that some candy passed out in town today is very suspicious. If you and your children have Lemonheads from trick or treating today please double check them. There are multiple instances of the packages being opened slightly and the candy itself looking [distorted]. Please check all candy before letting anyone eat it!

This police caution has been shared widely on social media and comments like the following have been added to the discussion:

You never know if its tampered with if its opened, that said, lemon heads melt and distort anyways, but better safe then sorry.

A parent who experienced this writes:

My children got some like this yesterday. Its most likely a manufacturing defect but I threw them out to err on the side of caution.

Its true that its hard to tell whether poor manufacturing was to blame, or actual tampering. Regardless, the answer is clear – dont take the chance and get rid of the candy pronto!

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