People Share What Therapists Actually Say And Its Hilarious

Just a few months ago we talked about a girl who had a therapist with unconventional ways of treating his patients. Paul employed a nerf gun to help his patient recognize negative thoughts and avoid them, like foam darts. Behavior like that is very far away from the concept that the media tries to paint when showing therapists.

Seeing the obvious differences between the serious, analytical and calculated mental health professional that the media portrays and real-life therapists, people on Tumblr started a thread, expressing their thoughts. Many users shared their own personal experiences, explaining how goofy or straightforward their therapists were. They also chimed in on the misconceptions people have about mental health in general and how skewed the portrayal is in movies, shows and other places. Scroll down below to read their posts and tell us if you think they have a point.

Seeing the obvious differences between therapists portrayed in media and real-life counterparts, people started a thread discussing the issue


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