People Cant Handle This Weird New Fashion Statement From ASOS

ASOS is a really handy online shop, good for getting everything from your basic white tees, to a flashy sequin jacket for when you’re feeling fancy.

The do this social marketing thing where they pop up with suggestions based on things you’ve been looking at. For me it’s mostly boring stuff, but some people have been getting some pretty crazy suggestions.

ASOS now sells tails. Like fake animal tails, and people are confused.

But, it doesn’t end there.

The ASOS marketing team deserve a real pat on the back, because all of their hard work paid off and that particular tail has sold out. But, don’t cry just yet – it turns out there are a whole line of animal themed tails for us consumers to collect.

There is one tail for every mood/outfit.

This classy fox tail:

This Halloween classic (and a bargain at only 15):

And then there’s the green sparkly version of the chic black original:

Which tail are you going to rock? Let us know in the comments

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