People Cant Deal With How Ridiculous The X Factor Got Last Night

It’s official, the X Factor has become a parody of itself.

Last night we were treated to a ten minute segment featuring Ottavio and Bradley. The two fellas used to be the best of chums, they performed together and were all set to take X Factor by storm. Until, that is, the chicken incident.

Good old useless Bradley tried to serve Ottavio an under-cooked chicken. Whilst Ottavio was understandably cheesed off that his rock n roll partner in crime almost gave him salmonella, Bradley has his grievances too, the son of a bitch didn’t even say thanks.

Turn the page on the script, and we find ourselves at the X Factor auditions with both performers auditioning as solo artists.

A lot of people felt the whole thing was a tad on the fake side.

Let’s be honest, it probably is fake. But, was it entertaining? Well, plenty of people found it hilarious.

This tweet sums it up…

Speaking of Celebrity Big Brother. Here’s some proof that it’s so much better when narrated by David Attenborough.

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