People Absolutely Loved Last Nights Sign Language Adverts On Channel 4

In honour of the Paralympics, Channel 4 decided to hiredeaf actor David Ellington to sign an entire ad break – but he didn’t just do it in the normal way.

He had a whole bunch of themed costumes to sign the adverts for hearing impaired viewers including a dog costume and swimming trunks, and now viewers are calling for Channel 4 to have him in the corner of every ad break.

They announced the stuntyesterday, telling everyone to tune in for their most accessible ad break ever.

The break included ads for Allianz Insurance, Flash Cleaner, Maltesers, O2, British Gas, Nationwide and Samsung with Ellington providing a translation that was entertaining for both hearing and deaf viewers (and everything in between).

Maltesers took the whole thing up a notch by rendering channel 4’s new BSL interpreter redundant by having deaf actors in their latest ad:

And everyone absolutely loved it:

This naughty person filmed the whole thing, which we shouldn’t encourage but… here’s the whole ad break from start to finish:

The endeavor was supported by the charitiesAction on Hearing Loss and the RNIB and every brand that featured an ad made a donation.

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Lead image: Channel 4

H/T: Metro

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