News Anchor Loses It While Reporting On Chilling Photo Of A 5-Year-Old Bombing Victim

War is an ugly thing. Not only adults that sign up are susceptible. Innocent women, kids, and animals are often caught in the crossfire losing their lives to the cause of what each side feels is justice.

Social media has been abuzz about these Syrian children that were exposed to many horrible things that not even adults should see, because of exposure to war. It’s very real and looking at the damage to this child’s face sends all sorts of emotions down my spine.Their young skin is often brazened by knife wounds or guns, and burnt by fire instead of toys and pillows.Their eyes have blood dripping down them, instead of being open wide and shining bright with thoughts of watching their favorite cartoon later in the day.The scars that war leaves on these poor kids is life-long and will never go away.

The picture below is setting the internet on fire

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