Mysterious Man-Like Creature Caught On Film Roaming Through Portuguese Desert

Monsters have always been both a nightmare and fascination for many. While we associate monsters as mythical creatures, there are indeed real life animals out there who are very monster-like in appearance.

Yet its those mystery monsters which fascinate us so. The thought of lurking deep within a forest or deep down in the ocean, these are monsters which we want to believe could in fact exist. And perhaps, maybe they do exist.

The most famous man-like monster is Bigfoot aka Sasquatch or Yeti. The infamous Patterson-Gimlin footage of Bigfoot taken in 1967 fascinated many as it increased the chances that perhaps this was a monster that was indeed real.

Now we have a new monster that has surfaced. One we havent seen before. Straight out of Portugal, in the middle of the desert, emerges a freaky monster that was captured by a cameraman. Is this the real deal?

Between the beach resorts, there are miles of hot and dry desert in Portugal. Perhaps the perfect hideaway for some mysterious creature? This is what appears to be the case as this footage is of a very strange simian-like figure who is walking around in the desert terrain. Very long arms which are not human, as well as a very deformed posture, also not human-like. Check this very interesting footage out and see what you think.

Of course there are those who are calling it a hoax video, something that was doctored, edited, CGId, or who knows Nevertheless there will be those who believe, and the skeptics who simply will not! Share this new monster video with friends and family and see what they think!

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