Mans Lapdance Interrupted When Girlfriend Bursts In, Knocks Down Stripper And Drags Him Out

When you hear about someone being “pulled-off” in a strip club, you’d assume some money changed hands and a gentlemen was the recipient of a happy ending. Not in this case.

No, because this time a man was genuinely pulled-off a chair by his girlfriend after she stormed into a Philippines strip club and levelled a innocent stripper (who was just doing her job).

The highlight is probably when the unnamed dancing girl tries to hold on to the man to steady herself but he makes no efforts to catch her and immediately follows his other half for a guaranteed bollocking – meanwhile, a load of men stand up an consider resolving things but then realise that they don’t want to fight a woman so just kind of wander about…

You sort of have to feel sorry for the dancer, she’s just trying to earn some cash. But then put your shoes in those of the girlfriend – I’m not sure how I’d react if I caught my hypothetical girlfriend getting a lap dance from a guy (are they still called lap dances?), I probably wouldn’t storm in and push the guy over but that’s mainly because they’re usually quite muscly, aren’t they?

I met a load of strippers and pornstars at a sex convention once… It went okay, I guess…

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