Man with no arms or legs hops over and helps beat the snot out of guy who tried stealing his glasses

There’s some movies with some weird plot lines and strange themes overall, but out of all of it none of it seems to come as close to some of the crap you’ll see occur in real life.

You know the moments I’m talking about already, when you’re ground in the monotony of daily life something happens around you or to you that seems to wake you up to reality and how odd it can be.

Take this odd street fight for example, wherein a man with no arms or legs claims another man stole his sunglasses, and that man is seen right in the middle of the road fighting a woman. Well, eventually the brawl ended up on the ground and into the territory of the appendage-less guy, who hops across the road to join the fray!

Who needs to go to a circus to see the strange when all you really need to do is walk through the world’s cities?

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