Little Kid Gives A Lesson To Big Bully Who Tried To Throw Him Into Pool

Kids aren’t always the most kind to each other, they never have been and they likely never will always be.

It’s a clash of personalities and they need to learn how to deal with it on their own, but every once in a while they can take things to extremes, and that’s what we call bullying. Bullying doesn’t always have the consequences many of the victims with it would either, leaving many with a longing sense for justice. Unfortunately the best we can do as adults is to keep an eye on things when they’re taken too far, but sometimes our kids can defend themselves too!

This kid was about to have a REALLY bad day when a bully decided to try and push him into the pool, little did that bully expect what came next in this David and Goliath story!

There’s no way that bully expected someone half his size to fight back, but I bet he learned his lesson about picking on people! You go little kid, one day you may grow up to be a hell of a fighter.

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