Lets Treasure Our Goodbye As Much As We Treasure Our Memories

Theres no point in apologizing to each other for losing the love that we once had. Because even though every fibre of our beings wanted to be together, the world had different ideas for us. They had different journeys for us to embark on without each other. And there are days I feel like weve really missed out on doing it together but then I remember exactly why we are where we are. Why we didnt manage to make it work. And why well never be us again.

We had some good times though didnt we? We had adventures together, no matter how small they seemed at the time, which made us who we are. That right now even though Im still fixing pieces of my heart from losing you, I know that well both be alright. Because when you close your eyes and see me, I hope that you smile because I know I do when I see you.

And if you ever needed me, really needed me, Id be there in a second. Id drop everything to make sure youre alright because of everything that weve been through together. And as we get older, our bond has been non-existent but that doesnt mean you just forget.

Because forgetting you will never be an option for me.

Goodbyes are bittersweet arent they? They remind us that while even though we fight for things to work out, that sometimes they dont. Sometimes the beauty in goodbye is rediscovering ourselves again. Sometimes even though the goodbyes hurt so bad in the moment, its the process of moving on from them that teach us the most important lessons.

But youll start to notice my absence just like I noticed yours when we hang out with our old friends at different times. When we hear each others names being brought up in random conversations, even though we dont want to ask, we find ourselves still inquiring about how each other are. And we wonder what exactly what were doing in this moment.

I notice you most when big things happen. I notice youre not there to tell me how proud you are of me. Youre not there to talk about everything thats going wrong. And while that stings, Ive met someone else who finds the beauty in all of those same moments that you used. Who manages to stick everything out just the way that you did.

Nothing that we had could ever be replicated because thats just not the way the world works.

But I could find something that works better. That actually will make it the long haul. Something that wont make me question my own sanity.

And thats not one last dig at you. Its just the truth. Sometimes things dont work. Sometimes we manage to hang on to something that is no longer healthy. Sometimes we look at someone as the be all and end all. For a really long time I thought that was you. I truly wanted it to be you.

If I could tell you anything and want you to know that its true its this; I will always love who you were to me. But I also want you to know that I am no longer waiting around, wondering if were going to work out. Because Ive already missed out on some really great people by doing that.

For the rest of my life Ill be grateful to you for teaching me what love is. For teaching me that I deserve love.

All in all, Id say our adventure was exactly what it was meant to be.

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