ISIS Executioner Getting Ready To Kill Hostages With Flamethrower Gets Biggest Shock Of His Life

An ISIS executioner, about to kill a number of hostages, ended up instead getting popped by an outside sniper.

It was an SAS sniper who with one single shot from 5,000 feet away, nailed an ISIS executioner just before he was going to take his flamethrower and execute 12 hostages!

The genius behind the shot was that it was aimed to hit the fuel tank of the flamethrower, and it did just that. It caused not just the terrorist, but three other ISIS members who were filming the execution, to be swarmed in flames, totally engulfed and suffering right there on the spot, getting exactly what they meant to give to the hostages. Death by fire.

This guy was on the American forces “kill list” exactly due to the fact that his style of killing prisoners was burning them alive with his flamethrower.

The whole thing went down near the Syrian city of Raqqa, and after the explosion, special forces from Britain and the U.S. went in and freed the hostages.

Eight men and four women were part of the group of hostages which were only moments away from being killed. Apparently they were suspected of performing as spies.

Heres what a source said who witnessed the whole thing go down:

“The executioner gave some sort of rambling speech over a loud hailer then when he finished the SAS sniper opened fire.

Pretty incredible. He gives his speech telling them how they are going to die. Then finishes with intention on now carrying out the killing, except he ends up getting his own form of execution!

Sources:Daily Mail,Eye Witness News/ Photo credit:SSgt. Ezekiel R.KitandweviaWikimediaCommons

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