Immigration Attorney Says ICE Broke Her Foot, Locked Her Up

An immigration attorney said an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer broke her foot and locked her in a room early Tuesday morning in Kansas City, Missouri.

Andrea Martinez told The Daily Beast she was dropping off a 3-year-old immigrant at an ICE facility to be reunited with his mother before they are to be deported to Honduras. Martinez said she was accompanying the boy, his pregnant mother, and his mothers boyfriendall of whom are undocumentedinto an ICE field office, but Martinez was denied access. Thats when Martinez said she was knocked to the ground and bloodied by an ICE officer. (ICE did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

A few dozen activists accompanied Martinez and her law partner, Megan Galicia, to protest the deportations. Initially, Martinez said she thought the boy would be reunited with his mother in the parking lot of the ICE office. Instead, ICE officials decided to reunite them inside the building, away from protesters and cameras, according to Martinez.

Martinez said that is when she and Galicia tried to follow their 3-year-old client into the room in the building where he would be reunited with his mother. An ICE officer blocked them from going inside, she said.

He slammed the door on us, Martinez said. The ICE officer pushed us out and didnt let us follow our three-year-old client into the lobby, and then pushed me to the ground. I was wearing high heels, so thats when my foot was fractured and my leg got all bloody. And then my pants ripped. But then he called me back in and detained me for another forty minutes or an hour.

Video from Anderson Rasmussen via Facebook.

Martinez said in a statement the ICE officer called the Federal Protective Service and continually looked at my phone to make sure I wasnt recording him.

He locked me in an office where I couldnt get out and he didnt let me call 9-1-1 or use the phone or anything, Martinez continued. And I told him, Im bleeding, Im bleeding, can you at least get me a first aid kit? And he said, No, its not severe enough. And then my foot started swelling.

Martinez said she was taken to the emergency room on a stretcher.

The womans partner, Luis, was subsequently detained, Martinez said.

They still have Luis detained, which is a big concern because they had told us yesterday that they were not going to be detaining Luis, she added. Martinez said they have put Luis into removal proceedings.

Martinezs law partner, Galicia, called the events surreal.

It was traumatic, but were doing OK, and Andrea got the medical attention she needed, she added.


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