His Dad Has Alzheimers and Cant Remember. Incredibly, Music is what Seems to Bring him Back

Ted has Alzheimers disease. Hes 79. But when Simon sings with Ted, his father, suddenly something magical happens. His dad is back!

Its only for a few minutes, but its these few minutes which Simon no doubt cherishes. Here he is driving around the city with his dad in the passenger seat. They are singing strongly to Quando, Quando, Quando.

Turns out Ted was indeed a singer, and entertainer, his whole life. Performing became second nature to him as he played in front of audiences all across England. Ted would never give up singing, even after marriage and kids came along and brought on new responsibilities.

Sadly, Teds memory has been fading, to the point of him having trouble recognizing loved ones. He also has very angry outbursts at times. This is a wonderful clip gone viral which has been extremely touching to many. Ted is just now turning 80 and his son plans on posting even more videos of him, possibly having him perform alongside a band as well.

All of this is for a good cause as he wants to raise money for the wonderful Alzheimers Society.

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