He’s At It Again! This Guy’s Hilarious Photoshop ‘Fixes’ Will Make Your Day

Photoshop was created to make editing pictures much easier, but for this man, it also helps to make the world (and internet) a funnier place.

James Fridman is well known on Twitter for the Photoshop “fixes” he does for anyone who asks, but as the saying goes, you have to be careful — or in his case, very specific — about what you wish for. While I’m sure he knows exactly what his submitters want edited in or out of their photos, he gets a bit more creative and purposefully alters them as if he misunderstands their requests. The results, as we’ve seen before, are way better for it.

Now there are plenty of obnoxiously short shorts — even in the background!

You didn’t say he couldn’t be staring at your face.

I like it, too.

When Michael Jackson’s there, “You Are Not Alone.”

Start dabbing, get dropped.

Such a cute ass.

You kind of set yourself up for this, lady.

She just needs a helping hand.

Old man it is!

He’s all legs.

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